About the Author

Over the past 30 years, Anthony Piantieri has taught the history of the Roman Catholic Church in various venues ranging from adult education evening courses in the South Bronx Pastoral Center, to private living rooms, and, of course, the high school classroom. He has also taught courses in philosophy and Western literature, but is particularly proud of his culinary skills, where he was awarded a certificate from the Italian Culinary Institute in New York, in addition to being inducted into its wine confraternity, "La Compagnia di Bacco." While spending much of his spare time playing his beloved Steinway, singing the Great American Songbook, impromptu, at the La Rivista Restaurant on New York's famed 46th St.'s "Restaurant Row," or hanging with Frank and Sal at Patsy's, Mr. Piantieri makes his home in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, and loves vacationing in "Bella Italia" and Northern California-especially that great, big, foggy town by the Golden Gate.